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Published Nov 24, 21
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You’ve spent hours looking at inspiration, and found your ideal suite, perfect fittings, and all the accessories you need. The only thing standing in your way is actually getting it fitted (Bathroom Installation - #1 Bathroom Installers - Leeds). Having any work done on your home can be stressful, but finding the right tradesperson to perform the work can mean the difference between smooth sailing and tearing your hair out.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. 1. Do your research You probably spent weeks daydreaming about the kind of suite you wanted, and spent sleepless nights trying to decide on the paint scheme—the duck egg or cornflower blue? After putting in all that time and thought, the last thing you want is to undermine it all by picking a bathroom fitter on the spur of the moment.

On My, Builder. com, each tradesmen is reviewed by past customers, giving you the chance to see what other homeowners really thought of them. Bathroom Fitters Prices - Leeds. When you do meet up with potential tradesmen, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them about their experience or to see pictures of their past jobs.

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3. Get quotes that cover everything As with many larger jobs, when fitting a new bathroom it can be worth speaking to at least three tradesmen to get quotes for the job (Kitchen And Bathroom Installer - Leeds). In order to accurately compare quotes, it is important that they include everything; all the labour, any materials they will provide, subcontracting if needed—even costs such as removing and disposing of the old bath and basin, if that forms part of the project.

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While it is natural to want to save money where possible, remember that the cheapest one may not necessarily be the best option, and that experience and reliability are the key factors to look out for. A bathroom has to put up with a lot of wear and tear over its lifespan, so make sure you hire a bathroom fitter who will give it the attention it deserves - Bathroom Fitters Near Me - Leeds.

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To help estimate the cost of your job, find out how much a bathroom costs to install.

They can also take care of the decorating, although if a large bathroom is being worked on and it has a lot of tiling or plastering involved, a bathroom fitter might work hand in hand with a tiler or plasterer to get the job done more quickly. If the electrics need to be touched as part of a bathroom refurbishment, they can do this themselves if they hold a Part P qualification, otherwise they’ll leave this for a qualified electrician to complete.

Doing this brings air into the water flow which gives less space for the water to flow through. As the water pressure stays the same, you shouldn’t notice any difference in the amount of water coming out of the tap but you will notice a lower water bill. Costs for common bathroom fitting jobs We surveyed our tradespeople to give you an idea of the amount you can expect to pay for common jobs.

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If any electrical work will need to be carried out as part of the bathroom job, the bathroom fitter would need to have a Part P qualification or you could bring in an electrician to do the work separately. Should I choose a bath or shower? Whether you choose to have a shower, bath, or both as part of your bathroom depends on your lifestyle.

They’re also great for getting clean quickly. Baths are better if you’re likely to want to unwind at the end of a long day or you have young children or plan on having children in the future. It’s much easier to bathe a child in a bath than have them sit on the floor of a shower cubicle.

There’s no reason why you can’t have the benefits of both a shower and a bath by choosing to have a shower bath (a shower over a bath) instead of a freestanding bath. Combining the two saves space and if you choose a P-shaped bath, it’ll be separated from the shower to give you more showering space.

Questions you should ask a bathroom fitter Do they have public liability insurance and what does this cover? How long have they been trading for? Do they have a Part P qualification to carry out electrical work? Can they show you examples of your previous work and references? Will there be drawings of the bathroom design and specifications? Will it be themselves carrying out all the work? If not, what experience does the person have and are they covered by insurance? Will they give a guarantee for the work and how long does that last? See the latest questions that homeowners have been asking bathroom fitters (Bathroom Installer Expert - Leeds).

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Bathrooms really help to make a home; they create a luxurious atmosphere in which you can relax. Bathrooms are known to be big draws when selling a house, and it is no wonder when we consider how long we spend in a bathroom! The average family of four spends 546 hours a year in their bathroom(s), which averages at about half an hour a day per adult and fifteen minutes per child.

Upon application, we ask our traders for more information, so that we can ensure that they are relevantly qualified and insured to undertake the work that they offer. They must also provide us with a minimum of five verified references from former customers, which we check to ensure that they are genuine.

Once they have passed our vetting system, a trader is invited to create their own profile on Trust A Trader’s directory. This is their opportunity to showcase their work and tell you about themselves, their company (if they are a part of a larger organisation), and services that they offer.